Simyo doesn't care

I went for Holidays. I was in small village, where connection is not that good. It was better than 3G but still, not LTE. My internet package got depleted because I was watching youtube all the time so I decided to buy 25GB more. Company I use is called SIMYO. So far I was really happy since they have good prices and application has been working fine. I chose new tariff and I pressed buy. After a dozens of seconds error appeared and nothing was happening for long minutes.

This was an order with automatic payment that was supposed to charge 25 Euro on my credit card. I decided to reopen the app but there was nothing new, no packaged has been added to my account. I chose again the same option and navigated to buy the package. This time it was successful but on my main manu 2 packages appeared this time (2x 25GB) and I was charged for them (2x 25Euro). I tried to cancel one of them since I wanted to buy just one and pay for one but customer service over the phone didn't understand my request. I wrote an e-mail to support explaining the situation but all I got from was this:


Hemos revisado lo que indicas pero lo que paso es que tu recargaste e intestaste comprar tu tarifa cuando esta ya estaba programada y se activo por defecto, por ello te dio error, luego recargaste de nuevo y activaste otra vez tu tarifa, esto ya no se puede anular pero los datos que no consumas serán acumulados si activas de nuevo otro bono de datos el día 18/01/19, puede ser incluso de solo de 100MB

Para cualquier otra consulta no dudes en comunicarte con nosotros llamando al 121 desde un teléfono simyo o 644100121 desde otro operador.

Un saludo
Atencion al Cliente simyo

Which basically means that my order was charged for the first time - when I received the error - and the second time I just made another order. That is mocking the user since it's stating the obvious. No explanation of the error, not a single word about any bug ticket, not a word of apology. Just a suggestion that if I want I can buy another package to not loose the extra 25GB.
I am disappointed Simyo.