Jeweller cheap discounts

I wanted to check the prices of gold so I went to google a bit and I've found a local polish shop with gold and other expensive stuff. I started navigating and they were offering amazing discount of 5% :

Unfortunately there was more of it:

That triggered my testing mind and I went deeper into the pages and products that were not of my interest. List of the errors is not huge but they are significant enough to be repaired. Unfortunately despite sending e-mail with a polite request I didn't even receive a mail with any notification. Weeks have passed and filter of coins that shows coins of polish origins made in Malawia still filters out as it was.

Their info about free investing e-book is totally fake, because it is nowhere to be found. All I got was welcome e-mail after creating an account.

Translation: Enroll for a newsletter to get an investment guide.
That's all I got. No pdf, no nothing.

if you want to stay in touch with them it's impossible cause the links show a User nice welcome message:

There are unnecessary refresh on filter, fake toggle buttons or misaligned info. All that makes me close the page and find a better show that I could trust more. Gold and diamonds is not something you give discount for.

Tested on :
Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)
8th of January 2019