DanteLabs awful service.

Their web app is the main source that triggered all events that lead to returning their lab kit. Let's start from a screenShot:

DanteLabs web app bug.

Misaligned buttons and Facebook/Twitter abbreviations is nothing comparing to what they have offered me. Let me share you a story about company that receives, maps, stores and shares your DNA code with you.

First I was convinced by the discounted price to buy the complete sequencing for 259€:

The kit arrived fairly quickly, after one week. Unfortunately their system of registering kits on official website was blocked. I was unable to generate label that allowed me to send the kit with post office - free shipping both ways is what they offered. Then I reached out to customer service and received a reply after 6 days that I need to provide them with kit number and they will generate the label for me. After waiting for next 6 days for the label I gave up and requested full reimbursement. I had to wait 13 days for reimbursement of 219€

Yes, they took 40€ for not providing me any customer support nor any type of service. It's difficult to find any opinion about their service on the web apart of Facebook web page which is filled with discontent.

To sum up:  The company that processes your DNA code should generate decent amount of trust to make people rely on their service. At the end this code says a lot about you, your body, your life and even future. If they can't provide decent customer support not web page for managing the orders, how can they provide security? They shouldn't make more discounts and should not cut 40€ for delivering the kit via standard post mail.

TLDR: Strongly advising against buying their services until they make them better!